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Mother & Child Care Hospital With Special Care for Challenged Persons - 2nd & 3rd Phase


To set up or make functional a 100 bedded self sustainable, charitable mother and child hospital with special provision of indoor treatment for mentally challenged persons offering affordable, high quality, patient friendly and barrier free environment primary and secondary levels of care and treatment to the deprived population of rural areas of South 24 parganas and sundarbans. 


  To provide quality care and treatment for all types of primary and secondary diseases for children from 0 to 18 years. 

To provide quality ante-natal, intra-natal and post-natal services to all women belonging to the deprived class. 

To act as referral mother and child hospital for all patients referred by different voluntary organizations working in this part of the city. 

  To function as referral center for quality Thallassaemia treatment and follow-up. 

To provide physiotherapy and rehabilitative services for autistic and cerebral palsy cases. 

To provide special barrier-free arrangement suitable for treatment of mentally challenged persons with autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Multiple Disabilities and Mental Illness. 

To create awareness among would-be parents for adopting preventive measures to reduce the possibility of births of challenged children. 

To provide quality care, treatment and supportive services to all HIV positive pregnant women and children to prevent parent to child transmission of the disease. 

To continue organizing health camps for awareness generation and prevention of diseases in all the extreme rural areas of Sunderbans etc of south 24 Parganas and also other districts of West Bengal. 

Standardized and rational quality treatment services will be provided at a very reasonable rate by top most professionals in the city. The affordability will come from the concept of cross subsidy where three types of rates will be available for the three sections of the society (upper, middle and lower). The marginalized people or those near the poverty line will be provided these services at a token negligible cost. This comprehensive child and mother care centre with care for challenged persons will provide the following specialized services: 

Prevention and cure of all preventable and curable pediatric diseases. 

Standardized care, treatment and follow up of all Thallassaemic children. 

Care, counseling and treatment of Pediatric HIV cases and prevention of mother and child HIV infection. 

Specialized treatment of common childhood cancers particularly leukemias. 

Specialized clinics for autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Multiple Disabilities and Mental Illness children. 

Clinics for Child psychology, psychiatry and guidance. 

Quality safe-motherhood services for all women in reproductive age. 

Secondary level care in the entire spectrum of G&O and pediatric/neo-natal services including laparoscopic surgery. 

Uniqueness of this project will be barrier free exclusive environment ward for challenged persons. 

General as well as particular Treatment with required specialized medical facility for challenged persons with autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Multiple Disabilities and Mental Illness. 


A. Construction of 100 bedded Hospital with a mix of 30 beds for gynecology and obstetric cases and 20 Special Care beds for autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Multiple Disabilities and Mental Illness and 50 Pediatric beds including 15 bedded Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with all required provisions of : 

Outdoor facilities. 

Diagnostic facilities including ECG, USG, Echocardiography and X-ray facilities. 

Pathological and hematological laboratory. 


Blood Bank. 

Rehabilitative physiotherapy and psychological clinic facilities. 

B. Phase wise Schedule of Construction of hospital project will be as under: 

Phase Facilities Targetted Time

1st Phase 

Out-patient Department, Pathology & hematology laboratory Physiotherapy, special Dental unit, Eye care unit, Charitable Dispensary. 

Opened & serving people since 15.05.2005 at ‘Naresh-Bina Sevayan’, 67B, New Santoshpur Main Road, Kolkata-700075. 

2nd Phase 

Operation Theatres, Radiology, OPD, Physiotherapy, Pathology, charitable Dispensary, 10 day care bed for common ailment, 10 special beds in barrier free environment for mentally challenged persons. 

To be completed within twenty-four months from 01.01.2010 to 31.12.2011. 

3rd Phase 

Opening Indoor Beds-10 General Beds, 30 beds for Gynecology and obstetrics, 30 pediatrics bed with 10 NICU, 10 special beds in barrier free environment for mentally challenged persons. 

To be completed within 36 months from 01.01.2012 to 31.12.2014. 


The cost of the building excluding the land will be            Rs.30, 000,000/- 

The cost of furnishing and equipments will be                  Rs.10, 000,000/- 

So, total cost of the project will be                               Rs.45, 000,000/- 

However, the cost of the second phase will be                Rs.20, 000,000/- 

The cost has been assessed based on practical and accumulated experience of others involved in the execution and running of similar sized hospitals. 

Arogya Sandhan has already purchased land measuring 1 Bigha, 4 cottahs i.e.17, 280 square feet at Arapanch village, PO & PS - Sonarpur, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal. 


LAND is already purchased. The site measuring 17280 sq. ft. south facing with 30 feet wide road along with a fresh water canal, other side of which is Firm House of Ram Krishna Mission at Village Arapanch, Mouza Natagachhi P.O & P.S-Sonarpur, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal near Sonarpur Railway Station. It is only four km away from Railway Station. 

More over the villages under Sonarpur police station namely Natagachhi, Bidyadharpur, Ramchandrapur, Kalikapur, Champahati are the living place of almost 500,000 populations mainly belonging to poor day land labourers, farmers, lower middle class and which also acts as the entry point to the South 24 Parganas including the inaccessible Sundarbans. This part of south 24 parganas has no nursing home or government or private hospitals. Even there are no qualified doctors regularly available. 

People have to travel at least fourteen to sixteen kilometers before they can reach any government hospital even for institutional delivery or treatment of common childhood disorders. It becomes very difficult for the people during emergencies when they are harassed at every step in trying to get the patients admitted in these centers. 

So, the need of the hour is a hospital for at least women and children, which will provide affordable, quality and standardized treatment services to all strata of the society. In this situation the entire responsibility falls on the NGOs and the social development organizations to take the lead and come forward to provide quality treatment facilities to the large number of masses living below poverty line. In this area mentioned above, organization like AROGYA SANDHAN, SANTOSHPUR is best place to take up this huge responsibility because of its location being at Santoshpur and the quality health care services being rendered since the year 2000 to the best of satisfaction of the locality.  


It will be a self-sustaining hospital, where the profit, if any, will be used entirely for future growth & expansion of the hospital. The hospital is intended to serve the financially disadvantaged people primarily. The poorest will be given the services at almost negligible (token fees) which will be possible only through cross-subsidy where there will be three rates for the bed and treatment charges. So the income from 75 beds will be covering up for the expenses of running all the 100 beds. 

A stand-alone Pediatric hospital, give in our societal realities, is not a sustainable proposition unless it is strongly supported by large annual grants that are unlikely to flow. To maintain the primary objective of treating children and special children, this should be a Gynecology (including Obstetrics) and Pediatrics hospital along with facilities for pharmacy, clinical and pathological laboratory

In this part of the country there is a demand for treatment centre for special persons of autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Multiple Disabilities and Mental Illness. Now there is no such specialized treatment centre in Kolkata city where these special persons can have treatment in a barrier free environment without the bedside support of parents. 

Specially trained nurses or nurse-cum-caregivers, required apparatus and equipments congenial for challenged persons, with specially trained doctors will be made available for treatment of challenged persons. 

There is a demand for safe, quality and affordable gynecological and maternity services in this area. The revenue from this side is expected to support the Pediatric and Neonatal services, which take a much longer time, if ever, to break even. This will be the first project of its kind in south 24 parganas and that will offer a significant marketing advantage. 

A 100-bedded hospital is recommended with a mix of 20(for challenged persons) 30 (G. & O.) and 50 (Pediatric & NICU). The bed break-up includes 15 beds for challenged persons with 5 ITU and 30 beds for Gynecological ailments, 20 beds for delivery cases attached to a well-equipped labor and an OT room and a recovery room. The pediatric facilities will include 20 beds and 15 beds for medical and surgical cases respectively and 15 beds for NICU (level 3). This unit will have an exclusive OT for operating on pediatric cases. 

The hospital will provide Secondary level care in the entire spectrum of G. & O. and Pediatric/Neonatal services including Laparoscopic surgery. It will strengthen the concept of safe motherhood and child survival services. 

It is expected that the hospital will be completed in two phases spanning over a period of 48 months (as the first phase is already over and functioning). The 1st phase which comprises of outdoor facilities, laboratory and diagnostic facilities and pharmacy has already been running since 15.05.2009. 

The basis for the figures given in the Summary Project Proposal is on practical experience and accumulated experience of others involved in the execution and running of similar size hospitals. 

Arogya Sandhan wants to implement the project under joint venture with like minded NGOs for the benefit of society. 


For further details please contact US .


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